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!Easy ScreenSaver Station

This is a ScreenSaver maker software to create your own ScreenSavers easily as well
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13 May 2015

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It’s not a big issue to download screensavers from the internet and stick them on your computer as there are millions of them present across various websites. You can even buy them from stores or borrow from friends. But all that doesn’t look cool no matter how majestic they might be. What looks cool is designing screensavers indigenous. So here is a stuff that is known as Easy ScreenSaver Station 5.0 which will give you an option to create your own screensaver easily. So you can use all your photographs that you have clicked with your cams and assemble a splendid screensaver having personal touches and gift it so your near ones or used them for some celebration or for yourself.

Easy ScreenSaver Station 5.0 makes the whole process of creating screensaver nice and easy with a wizard like interface it has. It can help you in creating screensavers from still images and embed animation using Macromedia Flash and inserting audio files that could be played in the background. It supports audio files like MP3, WAV, WMA etc. offering flexibility in using any audio format. The screensaver can help you to make Translucid screensaver that will enable you to view the desktop background even if Screensaver is on. Not to speak of the editing options like rotating, cropping, resizing etc. as they are present in plenty and can help you do the adjustments in all possible ways. You can also put transitional effects for the screensavers when they change to add better creativity. So that no one other than you spoils the screensaver build by you, you can set passwords.

There are way lot of other features that ought to be looked for in this software application which will permit you in designing a fantastic screensaver that are no less than professional ones available on the internet. We therefore without any hesitation give it 3 stars on account of its overall usability.

Publisher's description

!Easy ScreenSaver Station is a cool ScreenSaver maker software to make your own ScreenSavers easily. You can create your own ScreenSaver with the New Wizard step by step. Images, Flash movies and background music can be included into your creations easily. You can even acquire photos from your digital camera(or scanner) directly. After some easy steps, you can save a single standard ScreenSaver(.SCR) or a self-installing ScreenSaver(.EXE) for distribution. More features such as image editing, transition settings, icon setting, copyright settings, password protection, preview, email sending and so on are included. No programming skills or royalties required.
!Easy ScreenSaver Station can also manage your ScreenSavers so that you can run, install or config one easily.
Key features:
* Create your own ScreenSaver with New Wizard step by step;
* Make ScreenSaver with images, Flash movies and popular formats(mp3/wma/wav/midi...) of audio files as background music;
* Make translucid ScreenSaver;
* Open and edit your ScreenSaver file directly. You do not have to save a separate project file;
* Play images or Flash movies randomly or in a specified order with transitional effects;
* Edit images to mirror, rotate, crop, resize images, or adjust the colors;
* Acquire photos form digital camera/scanner directly;
* Show your images or Flash movies as LOGO throughout the running period;
* Add labels as title or description;
* Set Icon for your ScreenSaver;
* Set password to protect your creation;
* Preview your creation before saving;
* Distribute shareware ScreenSavers, and generate your own registration codes for them;
* Create ScreenSaver Data(.SSD) files for integrated SCR Player;
* Install, create shortcut, or e-mail your ScreenSaver;
* Manage your ScreenSavers to run, install or config one;
* Activate your ScreenSaver instantly;
* Set wallpaper;
* Multi languages supported;
* Drag and Drop operations and more.
!Easy ScreenSaver Station
!Easy ScreenSaver Station
Version 5.6
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